Are you ensuring outstanding monitoring, evaluation and improvement under the new 2015 common inspection framework?

Starting on 22 January 2016, we are providing a three day course entitled Ensuring Outstanding Monitoring, Evaluation and Improvement under the new 2015 Common Inspection Framework:  Inspection Skills Training For Headteachers And Senior Leaders.
There are only 4 places left and PBM Members can book these at the following discounted rate.

This course helps headteachers and other senior leaders sharpen their evaluation skills and extend their capacity to monitor and improve their schools. It provides participants with a broad knowledge of the inspection process and fosters those indispensable skills for gathering pertinent data efficiently and then making unequivocal judgements. The training promotes that embedded understanding that is necessary when applying the knowledge and skills widely in a range of school contexts. By the end of the course, participants are able to analyse school data to identify strengths and weaknesses in performance, check the accuracy of assessment data and judgements about progress through rapid and rigorous work sampling, and then diagnose causal factors through effective observation of teaching. Each participant receives a workbook packed with exemplar material, templates and resources that can be immediately used on return to school.
For more information including a breakdown of the content covered in each session during the three days please click here

Course dates
The discounts apply to the course starting on 22 January 2016

  • Day 1: 22 January 2016
  • Day 2: 29 January 2016
  • Day 3: 05 February 2016

Other course dates are available. Other dates

In-School Training
This course can be provided at your school or venue. More information and costs