Service Options: 1 Day + optional twilight

Full day from:
£1080+VAT without twilight or £1230+VAT with twilight + VAT to £1380+VAT without twilight or £1530+VAT with twilight + VAT

This service can be tailored to your individual requirements

Maths Audit and Twilight Training

The audit provides a developmental review of your school’s current practice in relation to the teaching and learning of mathematics.

Through prior discussion, the day is built around the specific needs of your school and can encompass:

  • Joint lesson observations.
  • Book scrutiny.
  • Planning and assessment review

The consultant will work with senior leaders, maths coordinators or subject leaders to evaluate teaching, learning, planning and assessment within mathematics and identify critical areas for development and discuss changes needed in order to improve teaching and learning in order to accelerate progress and raise achievement.

The consultant will work with teachers and subject leaders to identify areas where subject knowledge could be deepened.

Imediatly after the audit, the service can be extended to encompass a twilight training session. The twilight can either be a pre-arranged training session encompassing up to 30 members of staff, or it can use the findings within the audit and focus on an area pertinent to the needs of a small group of staff. This might be used to address gaps in subject knowledge, build confidence, or support planning and assessment. By having the training imeditaly after the audit, it provides an instant opportunity to improve provision in a highly cost effective manner.

For schools where maths is an area for development, the service can be extended to include a second day where the consultant will work with individual teachers to build their confidence and deepen their understanding within specific areas of mathematics. This can include time spent in the classroom working with the teacher and pupils or it can take the form of formal whole school training.

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