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Non Members: £190.00 (excluding VAT)

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Course Length: 1 Day

Venue address:
PBM Training and Consultancy (Head Office), Heath House Training and Conference Centre, Cheadle Road, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire, ST14 7BY

Course Date

01 January 2020

Course Time

09:30 to 15:30

Dealing With Difficult People

Develop effective strategies to manage challenging people; defuse difficult situations; build positive relationships and bring out the best in people

  • Effectively communicate with challenging colleagues and parents.
  • Pre-empt challenging situations and avoid escalating them further.
  • Recognise personality types with which they may clash.
  • Handle aggressive behaviour more effectively.
  • Calm angry, upset and unresponsive individuals.

Workshop Description:

The workshop is designed for people who wish to improve their skills in handling difficult people in challenging situations. It will provide an opportunity to develop more effective strategies and skills necessary for dealing with hard-to-handle people. The workshop includes a review of the components of interpersonal communication including advanced listening and questioning skills. It also explores our understanding of the causes and symptoms of conflict and identifies our own preference for dealing with conflict. Finally the course explores strategies to manage conflict. In addition, specific guidelines for handling objections will be explored. Applications of these skills and techniques to specific situations generated by participants will be discussed and addressed. Problem situations and their solutions will be role-played in small groups. This is a highly practical workshop and participants learn through a range of training approaches including short demonstrations, skills practice, reflection and discussion.

In-School Training Information

In-School Training

This course is available as in-school training. If you would like to find out more about in-school training please go to the in-school training section   CLICK HERE FOR INFORMATION ABOUT IN SCHOOL TRAINING
  or call us on 01889 567 014

Aimed at

This workshop is for anyone; SMT, teachers, lecturers, governors, NQT’s TA’s or administration staff  who find themselves in situations where they have to cope with emotional people, difficult or potential conflict situations, people raising complaints, parents, colleagues, etc

Detailed course outline and session time table

Session 1

  • Introductions and overview of the day
  • Identifying ‘difficult’ situations
  • Review of the components of interpersonal communication including advanced listening and questioning skills

Session 2

  • Identifying the causes and symptoms of conflict and identify our own preference for dealing with conflict
  • Thomas Killman model self assessment questionnaire

Session 3

  • Exploring strategies to manage conflict
  • Developing guidelines for handling objections
  • Application of objection handling skills and techniques to specific situations generated by participants

Session 4

  • Role – play difficult situations and their solutions.
  • Action planning
As part of our quality assurance policy, and to ensure courses are always up to date we reserve the right to update alter and improve courses without prior notice in order to encompass any emerging changes in legislation, framework, or government guidance.

Tutor information and course feedback



  • “Good balance between practical exercises, discussion of experiences to course material”
  • “Ways to deal with difficult people”
  • I thought the role-plays were excellent and I specifically liked the Thomas-Kilmann conflict mode instrument. The trainer was very knowledgeable and was very easy to understand what he was trying to achieve.
  • Garry was amazing, very helpful and had time for each and every one of us
  • It was excellent- no need for improvement
  • Found the role play and discussion activities very useful and thought provoking. Although I don’t like role play, it was very helpful to act out situations in a small supportive group.
  • Very informative
  • All of it was useful, in particular the practical activities. Handouts will be useful for my team…Feel I can return to work with a very positive attitude
  • [Strongest features of the training] “Learning to be able to step back and think before I rush into a situation which could cause conflict….I do not normally like role play but felt happy in this situation
  • Good discussions and activities – chances to talk and share experiences. Good content and presented well

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