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    Time: 09:30

    Location: PBM Inspection Services Ltd, Heath House Conference Centre, Cheadle Road, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire, ST14 7BY

    2016 Inspection skills training for headteachers and all senior leaders.

    Essential, rigorous three-day course; ensure skilful monitoring, evaluation and diagnosis; drive continual improvement; articulate well-reasoned, credible judgements

    Who should attend?

    Headteachers, deputy headteachers, and senior managers in primary and secondary Schools.

    Course Details:

    This course is unique to PBM. It is well-established, up-to-date, and has a lengthy and successful track record of helping headteachers and other senior leaders sharpen their evaluation skills and extend their capacity to monitor and improve their schools. It provides participants with a broad knowledge of the inspection process and fosters those indispensable skills for gathering pertinent data efficiently and then making unequivocal judgements. The training promotes that embedded understanding that is necessary when applying the knowledge and skills widely in a range of school contexts. By the end of the course, participants are able to analyse school data to identify strengths and weaknesses in performance, check the accuracy of assessment data and judgements about progress through rapid and rigorous work sampling, and then diagnose causal factors through effective observation of teaching. Each participant receives a workbook packed with exemplar material, templates and resources that can be immediately used on return to school.

    Course Dates:

    • Course 4: 2015-2016:    Day 1: 14 Mar 2016 | 15 Mar 2016 | 16 Mar 2016
    • Course 5: 2015-2016:    Day 1: 15 April 2016 | 22 April 2016 | 29 April 2016
    • Course 6: 2015-2016:    27 June 2016 | 28 June 2016 | 29 June 2016

    Based on the current inspection schedule, updated to include relevant national developments, the three-day course helps senior managers develop inspection and evaluation skills. It covers most aspects of school self-evaluation and gives examples of good practice. The course lasts three days and is a mix of direct tuition and skill based learning involving tasks, case study materials, and homework (optional). The practical activities are mainly completed in groups of two or three participants so that thoughts and evaluations can be shared and compared. Each day has five hours of tuition, divided into four blocks of 1.25 hours.

    Course Objectives

    • Understanding the inspection schedule.
    • Using audit, evaluation, and inspection trails (learning walks) to diagnose strengths, weaknesses, and priorities for improvement.
    • Making accurate judgements from a range of evidence.
    • Sharpen data analysis and progress tracking skills (including RAISE online and other school performance data).
    • Using and improving quality assurance systems.
    • Observing lessons accurately and effectively and recording findings.
    • Work sampling efficiently and effectively.
    • Evaluating and developing self-evaluation systems.
    • Communicating self-evaluation findings, including high quality oral and written communication, and feedback to various stakeholders.
    • Identifying strengths and weaknesses and planning for improvement.



    • The best Headteacher training event I have attended in a very long time- relevant and enjoyable”.
    • “Just to say that I thought the Ofsted Inspection Skills training was excellent … I was unsure whether I could afford 3 whole days out of school but I’m glad that I did as I learnt a lot”.
    • “I wondered if you would be kind enough to pass on a sincere note of thanks to Bruce McAlpine. I attended his 3 day course in May of this year and worked hard to implement many of the suggestions, especially the multifilter trackers for subjects. At the end of June we were given an outstanding judgement by Ofsted! This is in no small measure due to the superb training I received on the course. As a result, I am now supporting not only my school, but also another local school in difficulty- this is because of the skills gained from the course- many thanks again,”
    • “Outstanding- by far the best course I have been on since started teaching- this should be included as part of NPQH! Thank you!”.
    • “I attended the 3 day ‘Inspection Skills For Headteachers’ course in January 2014 as we were  due an Ofsted Inspection at any time and I wanted to ensure our school was as ready as we could be, and that I was ready, too! This course covered everything you should know as you prepare for inspection, but made the (previously) daunting prospect really straightforward and uncomplicated. What I found especially helpful was how to present what you know you are doing well in a format Ofsted can easily understand and not have to go searching for. Things like the school self-evaluation, pupil case studies and data were presented so clearly, we just couldn’t go wrong! I knew we were at least a ‘Good’ school, and probably borderline ‘Outstanding’. The course helped me to highlight our strengths and to make clear what we were doing to address any areas that weren’t so strong. I am delighted to say we got ‘Outstanding’ in every area of the Ofsted report and it is without a doubt that this course gave me the knowledge, skills and confidence to present the school in the best way we could. Thank you.”

    To book this course please go to: 2016 Inspection skills training for headteachers and all senior leaders