09 Dec

FREE Training Materials: How To Use RAISE Online Effectively In The Primary School

Take a peek behind door number 9 and you will find FREE electronic course materials (worth £30) with every new booking on How To Use RAISE Online Effectively In The Primary School. The materials include both participant and tutor workbooks, enabling you to return to school and train additional members of your team. The course takes place on 09 February 2016. (Materials are only provided under licence and are only for use within your own school. Materials cannot be used for commercial purposes.)

Course Summary: How To Use RAISE Online Effectively In The Primary School

This one-day course helps participants to develop basic data literacy skills and improve their knowledge of RAISE online. The training is practical and skill based. The training includes the use of the RAISE, tracking data, Foundation Stage assessments, National Curriculum assessments, teacher assessments, point scores, benchmarked data, value added measures, and predictive data.

Participants are helped to:

  • understand the principles of using data;
  • make judgements about attainment, progress, and achievement using RAISE online;
  • make judgements about attainment using current data;
  • improve the accuracy and efficiency of teacher assessment;
  • collate and analyse data to identify strengths and weaknesses and aspects for improvement;
  • use levels and sub-levels to monitor standards;
  • calculate and use average point scores;
  • using data to make predictions and projections;
  • measure and evaluate individual and group attainment.

Who should attend this course?
Senior managers, subject managers and governors in Primary, Infant, First and Junior Schools.

What the critics say:

  • “Just – Thankyou, Paul made data interesting”
  • “The training helped explain some of the complexities of the data clearly; the trainer was supportive in clearing up misconception”, Headteacher.
  •  “Very clear, structured explanation guiding through principles. It made logical sense and built up well to the bigger picture…I feel I have a good handle now on collecting data and will be able to collate/ interpret it confidently”.
  •  “A very interesting and worthwhile course- I feel I have learnt a lot and have clear next-steps to do back at school”.
  • “The course was very useful in developing my data analysis skills…it helped me to analyse data in a systematic way and to make judgements about what the data is telling me”, Headteacher.
  • “Delivered well, and understandable to someone who is new to handling whole school data”.


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