14 Jan

Giving all school staff access to professional development in 2016…

Ongoing professional development is a crucial factor in bringing about effective school improvement and improving outcomes for pupils. Not only does it keep teachers informed of the latest framework changes, curriculum resources and best teaching practices but according to reports, it also improves morale, enthusiasm and teacher retention. In July 2014, the TDA published its annual report. It discovered that a significant number of schools were finding it difficult to provide teachers with the training that they need due to budgetary restraints.
 “Over half of schools have found it harder to give teachers the professional development they need in the past year because of financial pressures. That’s around 13,000 schools who, according to the 1,020 school leaders surveyed for the Teacher Development Trust, are struggling to ensure every member of staff has access to effective and sustainable development. The consequences will undoubtedly affect outcomes for students…”

(The Guardian – David Weston – Published 01 July 2014- Schools cutting staff development amid cash pressures)
The numbers are significant and the potential impact on pupils could, over time, be far reaching. As a company, PBM have always aimed to ensure that our courses and consultancy services are affordably priced. Combined with effectiveness and quality of provision, this is something that we have always been passionate about. To further help to relieve the financial pressures on CPD budgets, we have developed a membership scheme which enables member-schools to access additional savings. Ultimately this helps more staff within member-schools to access the courses that are relevant to them and to their school.

To quickly direct members to a summary of the current course discounts and membership benefits we have developed a new ‘making your budget go further’ page on our website. It is worth bookmarking this page as content is regularly updated. Click here to be taken straight the new page and have a look for yourself.

If you are interested in joining the thousands of schools who are already members, then simply click here to join. Membership is free and open to anyone.