01 Sep

In the News: Concerns over the demands of mathematics under the new national curriculum


As children return to school this week, concerns are being raised over the new national curriculum. There is particular concern over the changes to mathematics. Russell Hobby, general secretary of the National Association of Head Teachers is quoted on a BBC report by Hannah Richardson

“In maths you need to learn the early concepts before you learn the later concepts, so there is a problem that there will be children who have not learned the earlier concepts before being expected to learn the more demanding ones.” (Pupils begin ‘tough’ new national curriculum – Hannah Richardson 01 September 2014 – BBC News)

PBM provide a range of courses designed to help teachers to address some of the changes . Many of the courses help teachers to develop and deepen their own understanding of Mathematics.

Teaching Mathematics in the Primary Classroom.

Courses included within this range are:
•    Assessing mathematics at KS2: Life after levels
•    Covering all angles: Teaching measurement and geometry in line with the new national primary maths curriculum.
•    Fractions and decimals: A significant percentage of the new national curriculum
•    Improving Teaching & Raising Standards in Mathematics at KS2: Moving from concrete to abstract methods of calculation. Teaching through conceptual understanding.
•    Investigating the A to Z of Algebra: Meeting the challenges of Algebra in the new curriculum
•    Lets not forget the importance of Mental Mathematics at KS2