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Mathematics: Mastery of Fractions

The aim of the course is to look at how we can successfully move learners at Primary level from basic understanding of fractions towards mastery. This will be a practical task based day that looks at what has to be taught and learnt at KS2. Included throughout the sessions will be teacher oriented tasks that will allow for deeper reflection of what fractions are and how they operate with other numbers.

Why should participants attend?

  • To enhance their pupil’s conceptual understanding of fractions and their operations in mathematics across Ks2 and also to increase their own subject knowledge in this subject

What does the course cover/look at?

  • This course will look at fractions from simple recognition of halves and quarters through to decimal equivalence and operations with other numbers. It will include ideas for tasks in the classroom, exemplary work from KS2 and importantly building on teacher subject knowledge and questioning skills.

What are the benefits of the course for the participants/ what do they learn what do they gain or come away with?

  • It is envisaged that participants will be aware of statutory and non statutory requirements at each year stage in the subject and will benefit from teacher based tasks that are aimed at reflecting upon what we understand by fractions and how they ‘work’.

Why is the subject important?

  • The subject requires greater depth of understanding now in the national curriculum and conceptual understanding by the children is a key part of their learning.

Course Objectives

  • Looking at progression of understanding and working with fractions for KS2
  • Identifying the roles of numerator and denominator
  • Build confidence of the teacher as a maths ‘expert’ in the classroom through a more in depth understanding of the processes involved
  • Different approaches to the teaching and learning of fractions that are built on other areas of mathematics
  • Reflection of what we as teachers perceive fractions to be and how we might expand on current knowledge

Aimed at

Teachers of KS2 mathematics, subject coordinators, senior managers.

Session timetable

Session 1 (9:30 - 10:30)

Year 3
  • Programme of Study (Y3)
  • Some ideas for teaching
  • Teacher tasks
  • Exemplary work
  • Reflection

Session 2 (10:40 - 11:45)

Year 4
  • Programme of Study (Y4)
  • Some ideas for teaching
  • Teacher tasks
  • Exemplary work
  • Reflection
  • Session 3 (12:30- 2:00)

    Year 5
    • Programme of Study
    • Some ideas for teaching
    • Teacher tasks (1)
    • Exemplary work
    • Teacher tasks (2)
    • Reflection

    Session 4 (2:00- 3:30)

    Year 6
    • Programme of Study
    • Some ideas for teaching
    • Teacher tasks (1)
    • Exemplary work
    • Teacher tasks (2)
    • Reflection

    Tutor information

    Russell is educated to Masters Level in Mathematics and Education, holds NCETM accreditation for leading professional development, and is a respected lecturer, adviser, trainer and teacher.
    Twenty five years of experience gained working in Primary, Secondary and Higher Education both in the UK and Europe developed his knowledge and understanding of the teaching and learning of maths, at all levels. He is known for his practical approach to the subject and, for improving progress and results, in the most challenging of environments. Russell has built a reputation as being an excellent adviser, trainer and teacher.

    Course feedback

    “Great teaching at correct pace. Went through what each year groups targets are."

    “Thank you, you really helped me today.”

    "A relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. If you didn’t understand or made a mistake Russell helped."

    “Some excellent ‘tricks’ for decimals!”

    “A clear step through all the years and the expectations & good examples”

    "Thorough explanations and time was taken to answer questions"

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