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Meeting The Learning Needs Of Vulnerable Pupils

This one day workshop is designed to help participants to examine and understand the issues that arise in schools as a result of the separation, loss and trauma experienced by pupils who have been adopted, are ‘looked after’, those pupils whose parents have separated or are divorced, and those pupils who have experienced the loss of a parent.

Participants will look at ways in which social and emotional difficulties may be the underlying cause of behavioural problems, which in turn can lead to learning difficulties. Participants will gain an understanding of the specific educational and emotional needs of vulnerable pupils in relation to attachment, trauma, separation and loss. Participants will identify ways in which these issues may be addressed.

The course identifies ways in which the school can work in partnership with parents to maximise support for vulnerable pupils by addressing their learning and emotional needs.

During the course, participants will develop effective strategies for supporting vulnerable pupils within the school.

Course Overview

This module has been developed by Adoption UK to help meet the needs of educational practitioners who come into contact with adopted and looked after children.

Although the course was initially developed to assist practitioners working with adopted and looked after children, the areas covered are also highly relevant to educational practitioners supporting pupils through divorce, separation or loss.

Course Objectives

Participants will:

  • Gain an understanding of the specific educational needs related to attachment, trauma, separation and loss as experienced by adopted and looked after pupils, and those pupils whose parents have separated, are divorcing, or who have experienced the loss of a parent.
  • Examine and address possible areas of learning difficulty for adopted and looked after children, and those facing the trauma of divorce or loss
  • Examine ways to empower educational professionals and adoptive parents to work together to address the learning and emotional needs of pupils
  • Gain a greater appreciation of how our own experiences might affect the way we support children in school.
  • Examine some of the possible causes of behavioural problems and school-related difficulties.
  • Consider how behavioural difficulties impact on relationships, within the classroom.
  • Gain effective strategies and tools for supporting pupils, and meeting their needs in school.

Detailed course outline and session time table

Session 1

  • Welcome, introductions
  • Objectives
  • Exercise : Effective beginning – One liners
  • The Education Triangle
  • Exercise: Talking the same language
  • Theory1: Attachment, trauma & brain overview

Session 2

  • Theory : Feeling safe
  • Defensive behaviours
  • Separation and loss
  • Exercise: How children cope
  • Strategies
  • Theory 3: The Stress Response
  • Theory 4: Stress Response and Discipline
  • The Vicious Cycle
  • Impulse control
  • Strategies

Session 3

  • Exercise: Rehearsing Reactions
  • Effective beginning: Hall of Fame
  • Learning difficulties,
  • Exercise: labels exercise
  • Exercise :Funky chicken

Session 4

  • Theory: Executive Function
  • Executive Function & Developmental  Gaps
  • Strategies: Effective interventions
  • Skills scenarios
  • Return to the triangle
  • Final Questions
  • What Next? Homework
As part of our quality assurance policy, and to ensure courses are always up to date, we reserve the right to update, alter and improve courses without prior notice in order to encompass any emerging changes in legislation, framework, or government guidance.

Tutor information and feedback


A number of tutors deliver this course. In addition to their professional expertise, all trainers are adoptive parents, who are able to provide a unique perspective into living with hurt children. Principle Tutor: Prior to this appointment Garry ran his own training and consultancy business working both as an associate consultant and also with his own clients with a range of organisations. His clients included the NHS, automotive, leisure, retail, education, central and local government, utilities, pharmaceuticals, distribution and finance sectors. Gary has worked with PBM for some 5 years delivering a range of workshops. For 15 years, Garry worked in management and leadership development where he delivered interventions for a range of individuals and organisations, helping them achieve personal, professional and business goals. His specialist areas are leadership and management development, team development and 1:1 coaching. His industry experience includes telecommunications, defence, power, transport, construction, leisure, central and local government, education, charitable and finance sectors. He completed his MBA in 1992 and is a Chartered Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development and a member of the Association for Coaching.


“This was a very useful course, lots of useful information to take away and hopefully use to inform teaching”. “Helpful to see the demands of school through the eyes of a child”.

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