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Safer Recruitment Accredited Training

This is an accredited Safer Recruitment course which provides participants with an understanding of safer recruitment within the wider context of safeguarding. The course looks at the prevalence of abuse; the profile of abusers; and the way in which abusers operate within organisations. It provides participants with a greater understanding of the features of a safer recruitment process. Session three focuses on how to make the right decisions and session four explores how to ensure an ongoing culture of vigilance.

Course Objectives

The course provides participants with an understanding of:

  • Safer recruitment and the wider context of safeguarding
  • Prevalence of abuse and profile of abusers
  • How abusers operate within organisations
  • Features of a safer recruitment process
  • Planning a safer recruitment process
  • Making the right decisions: interview and selection
  • Setting acceptable standards of behaviour
  • Maintaining an ongoing culture of vigilance

By the end of the courses, participants will have:

  • Identified key features of staff recruitment that help deter or prevent the appointment of unsuitable people
  • Considered policies and practices that minimise opportunities for abuse or ensure its prompt reporting
  • Begun to review their own organisation's policies and practices with a view to making them safe

Detailed course outline and session time table

Session 1 8:30-10:30 Setting the context for safer recruitment

  • Background and context
  • The scale of abuse
  • Model of offending behaviour
  • Some characteristics of abusers
  • Implications for recruitment and selection and creating a safer environment for children
Session 2 10:45-12:45 A safer recruitment process
  • Features of a safer recruitment process for : -
  • employees, contractors, agencies, volunteers
  • Sending the right message
  • The application form
  • The selection criteria
  • References
  • Review and next steps
Session 3 1:15-3:15 Making the right decisions
  • Importance of making the right decision
  • The interview and the selection process
  • Pre-appointment checks
  • Using criminal disclosure information
  • Review and next steps
Session 4 3:30-4:45 An ongoing culture of vigilance
  • Features of a safer culture
  • Audio presentation
  • Creating an open culture
  • Individual responsibilities for expressing concern
  • Dealing with allegations of professional abuse
  • Next steps and other resources

Tutor information and feedback

Ann Marie is an experienced and current frontline practitioner who specialises in providing safeguarding consultancy and accredited child protection training to child care organisations. Her background and experience are within social work management; managing teams of social workers who support schools with their vulnerable pupils, Local authority LADO, LSCB Trainer, Safer recruitment trainer and School Improvement advisor. She is passionate about ensuring schools and other organisations understand their responsibilities in relation to safeguarding and safer recruitment and provide a preventative service (offer early help) to young people and their families.

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