07 Sep

Step 1 To Rapid School Improvement: Carry Out a Whole School Audit

The first step in moving any school forward is to establish a clear picture of the school’s strengths and weaknesses and ascertain casual factors. When carrying out an audit, leaders must pose the following questions:

  • Are judgements accurate?
  • Is data interpreted clearly and accurately?
  • Do leaders see classroom practice with sufficient objectivity?
  • Is the evidence from monitoring and evaluation being used effectively to improve the school?

Inaccurate judgements, misinterpretation of data, and ineffective use of monitoring and evaluation lead to poorly focused improvement targets, underachieving pupils, inadequate outcomes at inspection and falling moral amongst teachers.

“Governors and leaders have, until recently, held an overgenerous view of the school’s and teachers’ performance. This has resulted in them not being focused enough to bring about rapid improvements.” School Inspection Report Graded Inadequate- Ofsted March 2017

“Leaders have not correctly evaluated the quality of teaching in the school.” School Inspection Report Graded Inadequate – Ofsted March 2017

Getting independent constructive support from an experienced consultant can be beneficial as it:

  • Provides objective and independent analysis.
  • Provides constructive challenge.
  • Saves valuable time.
  • Helps you to ensure that your school is making the right choices in order to drive rapid and continuous improvement.
  • Develops the skills and confidence of your leadership team.

Our team of consultants have extensive backgrounds within education including inspection, headship and senior leadership. They understand the challenges and pressures faced by leaders and are passionate about providing the necessary support and advice to promote rapid and sustained improvement. During an audit, consultants will work with you to help ensure that:

  • Systems for school self-evaluation are rigorous, effective and evaluative.
  • Judgements are credible and areas for improvement are clearly identified.
  • You and your school are fully prepared for inspection under the current inspection framework.

During the review, consultants will:

  • Analyse the school’s self-evaluation systems including data analysis, in-school summative assessments, work sampling, classroom observations, and discussions with pupils.
  • Check the senior team’s judgements, focusing on evaluation of outcomes for pupils, their personal development, behaviour and welfare, the quality of teaching, learning and assessment, and the effectiveness of leadership.
  • Carry out learning walks with members of the school leadership team.

Each audit is tailored to the needs of the school. The most frequently used model involves one-day onsite working with the senior leadership team. The consultant will provide verbal feedback throughout the day followed by a brief written report which can be used to form the basis of an action plan.


As a guide, the typical cost for a consultant to work with the SLT and produce a brief written report is £995+VAT.

Costs vary depending upon the time spent working with the consultant.

Costs start at £600+VAT and rise to £2055+VAT. For most schools, the typical cost is £995+VAT.

For an exact cost, please discuss your school’s requirements with one of our education advisers.

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