The challenges of the new maths curriculum

The 2014 maths curriculum has been designed to raise standards in the teaching and learning of maths with the aim that the majority of pupils will achieve mastery of mathematics.
Maths Pedagogy has greater emphasis and there is an expectation that pupils will develop the ability to solve more complex problems and carry out investigative work to deepen their understanding.  There are now three key strands to the curriculum;

  • Procedural Fluency
  • Reasoning
  • Problem Solving

The curriculum and the aims behind it require new approaches to lesson design, teaching, and the use of resources. To deliver the new maths curriculum effectively teachers require deep structural subject knowledge, strong understanding of the new curriculum and its aims, knowledge of maths as a network of interconnected ideas, knowledge of how to develop conceptual understanding and procedural fluency.
Teachers, and their own mathematical understanding, are perhaps the most significant variable in determining the development of resilient pupils who have mastery of maths. This all has implications both for the knowledge and skills of primary schools teachers and their professional development.
Our courses aim to develop your staffs’ knowledge, understanding, skills and mastery of maths, enabling them to not only light the flame of curiosity and enjoyment in their students, but importantly keep that flame burning.
The course consists of six modules. Participants can select the modules that are most appropriate to their own needs.
The modules are: