STEP 1: Have a clear starting point.

Carry out a detailed school audit to identify strengths, weaknesses, and causal factors.

Carrying out a school audit, either with your senior leadership team or with one of our consultants is a sensible starting point. If you have been recently inspected, your report provides a large proportion of the information that you need.
We do the following when we carry out a school audit:

  • Analyse the school’s self-evaluation systems including data analysis using in-school summative assessments, work sampling, classroom observations, and discussions with pupils.
  • Check the senior team’s judgements, focusing on evaluation of outcomes for pupils, their personal development, behaviour and welfare, the quality of teaching learning and assessment, and the effectiveness of leadership.
  • Carry out paired observations.

External validation can be useful as it removes uncertainty, provides constructive challenge and can save you valuable time.

Our consultants work with you to help you to ensure that:

  • Systems for school self-evaluation are rigorous, effective and evaluative.
  • Judgements are credible and areas for improvement are clearly identified.
  • You and your school are fully prepared for inspection under the current inspection framework.

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