Company History

A sixth of schools (15%) in England have already trusted PBM to provide professional support and advise them on matters of school development, self-evaluation and school improvement.

PBM helps schools and academies to monitor, evaluate and improve their establishments. We provide training and support to headteachers, senior leaders, teaching and non-teaching staff.

Our workshops are purposeful and practical. They are designed to bring about worthwhile change and have a lasting impact. They develop the skills needed to evaluate accurately, bring about improvements, raise standards and raise achievement.

What our customers say:

Our starting point:

The company has a wealth of knowledge and experience gained from its inspection background. Founded in 1996 to provide inspection services to Ofsted, PBM Inspection Services Ltd, with its partners, conducted hundreds of inspections countrywide. As an inspection service provider we inspected and reported on schools across all phases, types and sizes, carried out thousands of lesson observations, and sampled the work of many thousands of pupils. The schools we inspected were very positive about our ability to quickly establish effective working relationships with headteachers, senior leadership teams, teaching and non-teaching staff and governors.  These are skills that we use today when working in schools.
We established a reputation for quality which continues today. Consequently we became one of a handful of companies licensed by Ofsted to train Inspectors and from this our interest in training grew. Through inspection we saw first-hand that schools are crying out for independent help, support, advice, and training in order to be fully prepared for inspection. Headteachers tell us how hard it is to find training that is of high quality and has a lasting impact. In 2005 we risked everything, turned our back on inspection, and established PBM Training and Consultancy. We believe that the knowledge and experience that comes from inspection should be shared with all headteachers.
Now, we use our wealth of knowledge and large pool of consultants to provide high quality training and professional development to schools, academies, colleges and local authorities country wide. The company has gained a reputation for effective, high quality CPD and support.

“We firmly believe that the support that we received in writing our SEF/Summary Record was crucial in proving that the SLT understand both the school’s strengths and areas for improvement. This has then enabled us to really focus on the key points. In addition to this, it also played a part in demonstrating to Ofsted that the Leadership and Management is good and has the capacity to drive school improvement long term.”
Excerpt from the schools Ofsted report: “The school’s self-evaluation document provides an accurate picture of what the school does well and the priorities for further improvement.”
“Robust checking on the school’s work by senior leaders, with a well-planned programme of staff development, is firmly in place.”