NEW: School Improvement Quality Developmental Reviews

Driving School Improvement and Creating Confident Senior leaders

We are delighted to announce the development of a new service.

Highly effective self-evaluation is central to school improvement and the rigour of leadership and management contributes significantly to ensuring a school is moving forward. An external quality review of the key components of teaching and learning and the quality of leadership and management ensure leaders at all levels are confident in their own judgements and areas of responsibility.

The Quality Developmental Review provides accurate developmental feedback, helping you to ensure that your school is making the right choices in order to drive school improvement.

The developmental reviews are led by a highly-experienced leader of education* who will:

  • Motivate you and your leaders
  • Ensure systems for school self-evaluation are rigorous, effective and evaluative.
  • Check that leaders are making credible judgements on the quality of teaching and areas for improvement are clearly acted upon
  • Identify, and enable you to implement accurate improvement plans
  • Help you to develop confident leaders who recognise and can identify your schools strengths and areas for improvement
  • Challenge your leadership team to be the best they can be

This bespoke quality review can be tailored to meet the needs of your school, providing you with developmental feedback and an opportunity to ensure best practice is celebrated and improvement opportunities created and then monitored to further drive outstanding success for your pupils.

The review may include:

  • An analysis of the schools self- evaluation systems including data analysis, work sampling, lesson observations and discussions with pupils.
  • Evaluation of pupils’ achievement, their behaviour and safety, the quality of teaching, and the effectiveness of leadership and management.
  • An overview of safeguarding
  • An agreed teaching and learning strategy to ensure accuracy of judgements made on the quality of teaching.

Consultants provide verbal feedback and a written review which focuses upon:

  • Good practice that can be shared
  • Opportunities for development
  • Recommendations for improvement

*The quality review is carried out by consultants who have an extensive background in all aspects of education including inspection, headship and senior leadership. The quality review is tailored and personalised to meet your school’s needs.

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