School based training courses and conferences

In-school training is a cost effective way of providing training to larger groups of staff. It enables you to select a date and time that is convenient to you. Providing training to all members of a team can be hugely beneficial and have a substantial impact.

PBM provides a wide range of school based training courses. All of our courses can be tailored to meet any specific requirements or objectives of your school.

We provide in-school training workshops that focus on the following areas:
›    Inspection preparation and guidance.
›    Evaluation and monitoring.
›    Teaching and Learning.
›    Leadership and Management.
›    Performance management and appraisal.
›    Administration.
›    First Aid.
›    Fire safety and fire marshal training.
›    Health and Safety.

Our delegates regularly tell us that our courses are the best that they have ever attended. They tell us that they value PBM courses for the following reasons:
›    The content is up to date and encompasses new and emerging legislation.
›    Materials are clear,  comprehensive and easy to follow.
›    Provided by expert tutors who are knowledgeable, engaging and caring with an ability to answer each delegates questions.
›    Efficient caring pre-event organisation .

Getting the most from your training budget – Let us help
We are passionate about ensuring that schools get value for money from their training budget. There are lots of ways that we can help your school or academy. If you are looking to book a package of three or more in-school training events then membership will help you to get a little bit more for your money.
Training Packages for In-school training
Training packages are designed to enable members to get larger discounts. They work on a basic principle; the greater the number of courses that you book on a single day then the greater the saving that you make. Packages start from as few as 3 school based training events and they can be purchased by a single school or by a cluster of schools.
The PBM Membership scheme is completely FREE. The benefits of membership are:
›    Discounts off the costs of every individual course places booked from our training programme.
›    Annual support package discounts.
›    Training package discounts. Packages start from as few as 3 courses during a year..
›    Advance notice of new and pilot courses.
›    Newsletters and updates.
›    Free templates, guides and resources.